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Subject [Basic] Rebecca Emily Harding from UK- In my 10 years of living Date 2023.05.10 19:35
Writer Rebecca Emily Harding hit 325

In my 10 years of living and teaching English in Korea, Tara is by far the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Unlike many other recruiters, Tara shows genuine care and concern about getting you a job that fits you perfectly, and getting you the pay and benefits that you deserve. I have known many people who have been able to secure great contracts thanks to her, and now I am happy to count myself amongst these people!

Tara has been quick to respond to every message throughout the recruiting process, keeping me updated throughout contract negotiations with the school I have now signed a contract with. She goes above and beyond her role as a recruiter, treating her clients with all the warmth of a close friend, and I trust her completely. 
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